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Leverage the Power of Strapi for Your Business: The Open-Source, Flexible, and Cost-Effective Headless CMS Solution


In today’s world, almost every business need a good content management system (CMS) that will help them to manage and deliver content and in the same time provide the flexibility and cost-effectiveness that is required for long-term success. Strapi is an open-source headless CMS that offers high level of customisation and control over the content and infrastructure. Today we will explore the key benefits of using Strapi and how our integration services can help you.


Open-Source and Self-Hosted


Strapi is an open-source platform and it offers you to customise the CMS depending on your needs. The source code is available for anyone to use, modify and extend, making it a highly adaptable to any environment. By self-hosting it, you are in control over the data and the infrastructure, which can help you achieve maximum security and compliance.


Extensive Customisation and Flexibility


The codebase of Strapi was designed with developers in mind and it generates a rich set of RESTful and GraphQL APIs that are making building custom integrations and applications easier. It doesn’t matter if you want to integrate Strapi in an eCommerce platform, a marketing automation tool, or a custom build application, the architecture is allowing you to do that.


Cost-Effective Solution


Unlike many of its competitors, Strapi can be free to use. While going with the self-hosting solution will cost you money, it can be significantly cheaper, especially for small or medium sized businesses. Also, this way you can grow your hosting infrastructure as you need, allowing you to scale the costs, according to the growth of your business.


Vibrant Community and Active Development


There is a large active community of developers that contribute to the ongoing development of the platform and provide support for its users. This means that the platform stays always up to date with the latest technologies and follows best practices and at the same time offers a handful of resources, tutorials and plugins that will make your experience even greater.



How Our Integration Services Can Help


We have a team of experienced developers and consultants that used Strapi in countless integrations that can help your business leverage its full potential. We can assist you in multiple ways:


  • Seamless Integration - We can integrate Strapi on your existing products in a smooth ad efficient way, without breaking any of your current technologies that you use
  • Custom Development - We can make sure to deliver any custom features you need that are not available out of the box. The integration will be tailored to your needs and requirements
  • Migration Support - If you already use another CMS and want to switch to Strapi, we’ll make sure to create a process that is as smooth as possible and help you migrate all of your existing data, minimising any disruptions or issues.
  • Training and Ongoing Support - We can train your team on how to use Strapi in the best way possible and provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly 24 / 7.